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way to make Half Square Triangles
(often referred to as HSTs)

ADD 1/2" to your desired finished size
and JUST CUT STRIPS to match the paper strips.

Buy the THANGLES in your FINISHED SIZE.  The paper strips will come out of the package 1/2" wider, ready to sew to two fabric strips.

Order our INTRODUCTORY THANGLES KIT which includes two patterns and 2" Thangles.


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The 2014 MYSTERY BUCK-A-BLOCK starts with 6" THANGLES.


Lots of blocks are made combining HSTs and square units.  


Half square triangles (HSTs) can be difficult to sew because the diagonal seam, sewn corner to corner is on the bias.  The resulting square can become distorted [ i.e., not square] if this seam is even slightly stretched out of shape during the sewing and pressing process.

THANGLES are papers which stabilize the bias seam while stitching & pressing and have the additional benefit of showing you where to sew and cut.  

With THANGLES the math is simple....just add 1/2" [two 1/4" seam allowances] to the desired finished size and cut your strips that size.  For example, if you want a 1 inch finished HST, you cut 1-1/2" strips and use THANGLES.  It is as easy as making squares because you use the same easy math.  Add 1/2" to your desired finished size and cut the strips to that width.  

The revolutionary nature of THANGLES is easy to see if you consider how it SPEEDS up and SIMPLIFIES the cutting process for a quilt block that is made of squares and half square triangles.

Thangles are available in 16 sizes -
1/2" to 6"

We've made it easy with our 

"Gotta Have Them All" assortment.
Click here for details on how to order.

When using Thangles, cut fabric strips 1/2" larger than the finished size of the HST unit.  Layer two fabrics right sides together, lay paper strip on top, pin together.  Then you stitch on the dotted lines, cut apart on the solid lines.

Finger press the paper open.  With an iron, press the fabric to match the paper.  

Trim off the extended "dog ear".

Pinch the seam allowance near the center of the seam, hold on to the paper triangle and with a "snap" the paper easily comes free.

THANGLES cost just $5 a package, which is a bargain when you consider how many each package makes and how much time you'll save in drawing and cutting.

Thangles come in these Finished size packs:
   Minis pack 1/2"and 3/4" finished (makes 1500 HSTs)
  1" finished makes 1000 HSTs
  1.25" finished makes 600 HSTs  
  1.5" finished makes 450 HSTs
  1.75" finished makes 450 HSTs
  2.0" finished makes 450 HSTs
  2.25" finished makes 300 HSTs  
  2.5" finished makes 300 HSTs
  3" finished makes 200 HSTs
  3.5" finished makes 200 HSTs
  4" finished makes 150 HSTs
  4.5" finished makes 100 HSTs         
  5.0" finished makes 100 HSTs        
  5.5" finished makes 100 HSTs         
  6.0" finished makes 100 HSTs         









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