Friday Sept 25, 2020

Hi All!

Hello Autumn!  Around here the trees are bursting out in color as the temperatures cool.  Beautiful.

With another kind of tree, look at this great new KANSAS TROUBLES pattern, EVERGREEN.  Can't help it!  We're thinking NEW PROJECT!

Yes, I am a huge Kansas Troubles fan.  I love the comfortable feeling of these rich, warm colors.

The greens, rusts and burgundies just settle on into Autumn.

Others may think these prints are dark, or "old fashioned", or even low energy, but I think of them as welcoming, calming, & safe.  OK, maybe a bit "old fashioned", but never out-dated! 

Come see our selection and stay tuned here for new arrivals.

I believe there is always a place for TRADITION!

Traditions like WAITING FOR HALLOWEEN! This year try a HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN with "CANDY PLEASE" panel, a CALENDAR for checking off the days with candy-filled numbered POCKETS!

Pre-printed pennants also included in this Ruby Star panel of projects.

Decorate for your family's night of fun - a HALLOWEEN HUNT?  A new tradition?

Just 2 PANELS on hand, so give a quick click here to order.  You can pick up in the store and we'll refund the postage.

Before we know it, we'll be counting down to Christmas.  Check out our advent calendars.

Keep it simple, or embellish with ribbons & beads.  Either way, DECK THE HALLS by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda will bring a smile to lovers of vintage simplicity!

Pre-printed ornaments to decorate the tree, made by one generation for another, or made together?!  Have pre-holiday fun and be ready for December. Click here to order.

All these projects are simple with good printing and instructions.

HOLIDAY HEARTLAND from Henry Glass. Classic red/white with snow & barns - how appealing! Small numbered pockets to hold candy treats.  Red & white mints?

SANTA STOP HERE advent calendar by Northcott, printed with fold & stitch instructions to create pockets.  A challenge for those learning their numbers?  Make it fun, and let them grow with traditions.

These nostalgic, count-down cuties won't last long, so click, come in, or call the store for details!  1-316-284-2547

Next best thing to being here, do you catch our LIVE VIDEOS on Facebook?  Follow us so you get notice when we're going live!

If you already do, you probably saw Kirsten's UNBOXING the other day with these super, digital FROGS!  Digital printing has "opened the box" for the most fabulous artwork to be printed on fabric.

Artist Jim Zuckerman's big FROGS are full of vibrant color!  I think they are larger than life-size (really?)!  Perfect for the frog-lovers out there. ;)

Click here for details on the panel.  And here for a closer look.

A live unboxing also revealed RESCUED & LOVED.
Now you can see it here online, or in the store.  Soooo cute!


Have you heard the news?! 

One week from yesterday is day #1 of the Central Kansas QUILT SHOP HOP.  More count-down!

The Quilt Shop Hop starts October 1st and will run through Saturday October 17th!

We've extended the shop hop dates.  Hopefully, with 16 days, there won't be tight crowds in the shops, especially with a bit more planning on where and when you start.

Here I've taken SOCIAL DISTANCING as my inspiration, and made a modern quilt where the blocks are playing together but well spaced.  Think of my quilt when you are shopping!  ;)

PINK GEESE IN THE GARDEN is my unique, modern, queen-size quilt, made with the 10 shop block kits, available Oct 1 - 17 in the participating shops.  Finishing kits will be available.

See all the other shop quilts here.

Come in and check out my FINISHING KIT.  Block kits will be for sale in participating CENTRAL KANSAS QUILT SHOP HOP quilt shops beginning Oct 1. 

Block Kits will cost $6.99 and include the fabric & pattern for a 15" finished block.  Click here for details on the shops and how to participate.

This is our ENCHANTED GARDEN exclusive fabric.

Last week for PRE-ORDERS for our EXCLUSIVE FABRIC!

The Quilt Shop Hop starts October 1st and will run through Saturday October 17th!

Did you know that someone will win a SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT sewing machine again this year?  Last year, the winner was a Charlotte's Sew Natural local customer!  This year, it could be you!  Name will be drawn from the passports with stamps from visiting all 10 stores, but you'll have 16 days to do it this year!  Start planning!

Everyone who visits all 10 shops during Shop Hop will receive a THANK YOU GIFT!  Because we do thank you for all your support, helping us to help you!


Facebook Live is officially part of our new normal.

Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page. 

We will be featuring some new fabrics, as well as some small bolts on today's LIVE SALE. 

As always, be sure to check out our BARGAINS online - there are more great savings to be found there every day!

Check out all our videos on YouTube.

We continue to request you wear MASKS while shopping in the store. We're taking care of each other and trying to stay healthy, minimizing our exposures.

We are in the store 5 days a week, Monday through Friday 10 to 5, and on Saturdays 10 to 4. 

Closed Sundays EXCEPT Oct 4th, when we'll be open 11 to 4!  Plan to visit us on a rare Sunday afternoon!

You can reach out to us online 24/7!  ;)

Have a great weekend.

Hope to see you soon!

PS - Remember, you can always find us on  Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



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