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Friday May 8, 2020

Hi all!

We've been having fun with SALES on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook Live.  FRIDAY seems to be the "magic" day!

Let's do it again!

​Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page.

We are learning each time we do this.

We've learned that you should LOG-OUT of FACEBOOK, and then LOGIN again. It speeds up your connection and response time!

​This week we feature CHRISTMAS FABRIC. 

We'll have more "1 yard cuts" available, as well as multiple cuts from the same bolt, and hope more people will be able to take advantage of these BARGAINS!


  • SALE begins TODAY, Friday, AT 1 PM CENTRAL TIME.
  • Live SALE will include XMAS FABRIC & other stuff based on what you've liked before!!!
  • Place ORDERS in the comments. No changing your mind, as orders will be filled as they appear in the comments!
  • We'll contact you at the end with a total amount.  You'll need to pay with a credit card. We can mail.  If you've never shopped with us before, private message us from Facebook with your full name and phone number. Thanks!
  • VARIETY - lots of different styles being offered. And maybe a few other items too. ;)
  • We'll announce the price with each item!  You have to tune in!

Follow our FACEBOOK, then go to our page and catch our FACEBOOK LIVE, and get ready to act, because this can be crazy!  The price is right!!

Don't forget to logout and login to Facebook, to reset your connection.  If you are normally a "lurker", try practicing with a comment!.  Say "hi" to Kirsten this morning, and she'll respond, showing you how easy it is! ;) Then be sure to click to FOLLOW us, so you can see Kirsten at her wackiest!

As I mentioned last week, we are noticing more of a trend to SOLIDS.  Is this a psychological response to something?  I don't know, but I'm curious, and may look into the history of this cycle. 

Did you see Kirsten's "unboxing" on Facebook this week?  If you missed it, we got at least 2 boxes of solid color cottons one day. (And you can still check out the video on Facebook.)

If you are getting inspired by any of the new magazines out this month, we've GOT YOUR SOLIDS!

If you're paying attention to the newest designs from your favorite designers, we've GOT YOUR SOLIDS!


We are also doing kits in solids for some of the newest patterns from our popular designers.  So, stay tuned for those!

We've also got your RED, WHITE & BLUEs. Check out those in the 1930s reproduction lines.

Robin's latest quilt, STARRY PATH, starts with Summertime pre-cuts in multiple sizes - 5" squares, 10" squares, 2-1/2" strips.  Even the background, a rich WILMINGTON basic navy blue starts as PRE-CUTS.

Robin's new quilt should be quilted and hanging by the time you're back in the store. 

We're just not going to rush re-opening the store to walk-in traffic.  I would rather be safe than sorry!  So keep being careful, we'll see you soon, and all stay healthy.  It will all work out for the best!


​And then there's TULA PINK and all her COLOR plus PATTERN!

Arriving in June, TULA'S TRUE COLORS will be a fun "box of crayons" to play with!  40+ different fabrics, we've got the FULL COLLECTION on order.  We can hardly wait to start playing with these!  Great news, they'll be around for a very long time.  Free Spirit has committed to them as a re-orderable "basic"!

Look what Julie Herman made with her SUPER SIDEKICK RULER!  This will be available as a kit this summer.

Check out these cute little houses, homes to BEARS!  Then check out KIRSTEN'S SCRAPPY NEIGHBORHOOD!  

Use up those scraps too small to make masks!


Can't find this pattern on-line anymore?  Next time I say FREE PATTERN, you better check it out, as they don't last forever, sorry!  Now check out Miss Rosie's printed version here.

Does this say "Halloween" to you?  Maybe, but it is just some pretty awesome orange & grey, in awesome textures and patterns!

Last I checked, Moda says Fig Tree's ALL HALLOW'S EVE will arrive shortly after Memorial Day, which is "late May", for those of us totally lost in time & space!  hahaha  Yes, there is another full week of May after Memorial Day this year!  Can it get any weirder?!

I notice that Antler Quilt Designs has a cool new "Christmas" pattern, NOEL, for a new Christmas fabric. 

I think that MEMOIRS, by the same designer, 3 Sisters, would work just as well, it would be more of a year-round quilt.


You decide.  Beautiful, . . . .

MEMOIRS from 3 SISTERS, available now.



And, if you didn't make it to 2nd Saturday in March, Block 3 Marcia, my entire presentation is available here on YouTube, along with lots of our other VIDEOS. Be sure to subscribe!

​April's 2nd Saturday, Block 4, Greg, presentation was by video as well.

This SATURDAY, MAY 9th, at 9 a.m., we'll again do a LIVE FACEBOOK FEED. 

I'll do what I can with "show & share", then I'll cover making Block 5, PETER.


It was fun in April, and the weather should cooperate this weekend.

So, we would love to see you Saturday from noon to 1, for the big Wonky Block Jamboree in the alley behind Charlotte's Sew Natural, in Newton.

For the second time ever, we are waving the rules for the Free Block Kits.

You do not have to show your finished block this month to get your kit for free.

We will be in the alley, behind the store, passing your kits and any other orders, through the car window, for free, for 1 hour this Saturday, noon to 1 pm.

Please enter the alley from BROADWAY (slowly through that dip), and head north towards our parking lot, watching for directions.  THANKS!

Up to you, of course, but you could keep your social distancing, get out of your cars, use your "outside voices" and do a little visiting, staying safe, of course!

Maybe all wear your BEST MASKS as show & share! ;)

For the rest of the month, if you place an order, we'll include your block kit with that order, for FREE, and mail or hold for you to pick up.

All kits will be held with your names, until the store is open again to customers.  So, if you want your kit before "date to be determined", think of something else you need, place an order with us by phone or on-line, and we'll include your block kit, for free.

Your support has kept the staff fully employed and the lights on!

As always, click NEWEST ADDITIONS to see our latest on the web. 

This quilt is from the newest 3 SISTERS fabric, RUE 1800.  You can find it under NEWEST ADDITIONS, or by clicking here.

We love your calls and comments on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for your continuing support!  We look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday "in the alley"!

Have a great weekend, stay safe, and wishing you all perfect health!


PS - Now we've made them, let's all try to think up ways to remember to have our masks with us and wear them! ;)


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