Friday May 29, 2020

Hi all!

If there's one thing I've learned from the pandemic, it is to accept change, be happy, and try not to be paralyzed by fear.

I have to accept that all the careful planning can prove null and void in a moment. Try not to be too disappointed when this happens.

Hey wait, I guess it is not so different from how I've always been.  I've had my own business for more than 35 years (so forget about "fear of the unknown") and I'm not a huge planner. 
I'm more an "in the moment" sort of gal.

So, when Cindy Baldwin calls me and asks what I want my next Country Register ad to say (for the next 2 MONTHS!), I'm indecisive (paralyzed?).  What will life be like this summer?  (There's that "fear" tickling my brain.)  OK, let's take charge and sum up what we've got!

  • Charlotte's Sew Natural is re-opening to walk-in traffic Monday June 1 (masks appreciated)
  • New hours are Monday - Friday 10 to 5, Saturday 10 - 4
  • NEW FABRIC continues to arrive - ALL THE TIME!
  • Inspiration can be found in our NEW MODELS - which Kirsten has laboriously hung with many trips up and down a cranky extension ladder.
  • We LOVE to help you find just what you want, and have lots of options!
  • If hours and walk-in-ability changes, we'll just have to deal with that when/if it happens!

Like what if we have too many people show up on Monday morning?  What if everybody gets scared by something and nobody shows up on Monday morning?  I guess we'll "roll" with it!

What if we are so busy we don't get lunch?  Hey, now you're getting personal!  We need food!  We are humans and get cranky too!  

BTW - If you come over the lunch hour, be prepared for lighter staffing, and possibly a longer wait time.  Maybe plan to come early afternoon, after lunch?

Meanwhile, speaking of after lunch, 1 pm to be exact, FRIDAY, TODAY!! 


  • A little before 1 today, come to
  • If you've never shopped with us before, send us a private message with your name, phone and email, so we can contact you after the sale for your credit card info.
  • At 1 pm we'll be LIVE.
  • If you are logged in to Facebook, you can attempt to BUY by typing the number of the item we're selling in the comments. The order of comments may be different on our feed than yours, and we use the order in our feed to determine who gets the items.

MODA SALE FABRIC will be the featured items in today's
Facebook Live Sale.

  • 2 yard cuts will be the "game". 
  • There will be more than one cut on every bolt. (30+ bolts!)

Let's say we're offering a bolt with 8 yards on it.  If 4 people say they want it, that is great, they each get two yards.  If one of those 4 says they want 4 yards, sorry, they only get 2 yards.  But if only 3 people say they want it, and one of those says they want 4 yards, they will get 4.  So, there's a little more "strategy" to this sale.  More people will be successful! 

As I've said before, we "learn" something new with every sale, so we'll see how this goes! ;)

Speaking of Cindy Baldwin, and advertising, did you know that The Country Register newspaper is available to read for FREE on-line?  You can always read the current issue digitally, from anywhere it is published!  What a great way to explore a new region & plan a shopping trip for when we're all open again!

Here's the link to the Kansas "paper".

We see lots of travelers (under normal circumstances) from our neighboring states, so I also advertise in the multi-state edition that includes Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and more.

Each state's editor includes slightly different material, with feel-good, interesting columns, and is easy to read on-line!

Read through that stack of all your favorite quilt magazines during this "stay at home"?

You're in luck!  We have the most recent issues of QUILTMANIA.  There is so much inspiration and beautiful photography in these, as well as several patterns in every issue.  Well worth the money!    

The BHG QUILT SHOP SAMPLER issue came in this week too.  Pick up a couple of magazines "for the road".

Digital is convenient, but I really love having the printed issues in my hand.

Speaking of digital, did you see my latest WISDOM WEDNESDAY VIDEO, filmed yesterday?  MITER AWAY - I give you a complete lesson on how to miter a striped border.  Check it out here. 


You can see our FRIENDSHIP PANEL that I am working on in the video by clicking here.

And our ON FREEDOM'S WING EAGLE SOARS panel and quilt kit featured in the video by clicking here.

I'm off to start prepping for today's SALE!  1 pm!  Live on Facebook.

Hope you have a great weekend.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday or in the very near future! ;)

Keep playing it safe!


Charlotte's Sew Natural 
710 N Main St.
Newton, KS  67114
(316) 284-2547

Store Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30 - 5, Starting June 1 walk-in will be 10 to 5
Saturday 9:30 - 4, on re-opening Saturday walk-in will be 10 to 4

Eau Lily Boutique
712 N Main St.
Newton, KS  67114