Thursday May 21, 2020

Hi all!

Here at Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton, we are staying flexible, but not yet comfortable with a complete re-opening.

As of today, we continue to answer the phones and fill web orders.

We are mailing out orders.
We also deliver to the front or back door, should you choose to "pick up".

316-284-2547 (sometimes an answering machine) & Facebook Messenger & by Email

and at

For those who can't wait another 10 days,

Call or hit REPLY now to make an appointment.

This SATURDAY MAY 23, we are going to let customers into the store,
with pre-booked, 15 to 45 minute appointments.

There are appointments available beginning at 11 and the last at 3:15.  Limited numbers available.

Please reply to this email with your requested time and we will check availability and confirm by email.

We know Memorial Day weekend is sort of a toss-up most years, and this one seems even weirder.  Maybe what you need is a trip to Charlotte's!

We are trying to limit the number of people in the store at one time. While we normally love meeting spouses and other members of your support team, we are asking that only the shoppers be in the store for now.

We are asking that the customers wear masks. 

So you know, the staff will not be wearing masks 100% of the time.  Honestly, it is very difficult to do what we do wearing masks. 

Check out all of our quilt kits!  Only 2 remain of this summer quilt kit!  Glorious Geese!

​Friday we will have a MEMORIAL weekend SALE LIVE on FACEBOOK.

1 PM, FRIDAY, Lots of FABRIC & other STUFF

​Again, we learn each time we do this.  You never know who is going to have the speedy connection.  This past week it was a pre-paid T-Mobile phone located in the eastern US!  She told us she was using ​data,​ not wifi.  Go figure!

This week we will have multiples of fabrics when we can, and hope you can join in the fun and the "winning"! ;)

​Here's another opportunity - the early bird gets the worm!  Check out our latest and sometimes you need to act fast!

We are continuing to get new merchandise. We never tire of this!  There is new Wichita State fabric, for instance. Yes!

Monday Kirsten did the latest LIVE UNBOXING! See it by clicking here.

If you need some more COMIC RELIEF, please feel free to check out any of our videos and be prepared to learn, and laugh along with us!  YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK LIVE events

Click NEWEST ADDITIONS to see our latest on the web.  Gwen keeps adding new stuff, sometimes even from home!

There's new stuff like this 60" extra wide Rock Pool COTTON TOWELING!  Great stuff.  Never saw this before.  Makes great summer throws, as is with raveled edges or hem.  Can also be used for patchwork.  Soft!   In the store now, soon on the web.

And more GNOMES.

Be sure to check out the SALE FABRICS & KITS


We can even help you shop with FACETIME and MESSENGER VIDEO CALLS are available too. Contact  us in one of the more normal ways to arrange this beforehand.  Thanks!

Things may continue to change.  Stay tuned.  We are taking all the common sense precautions! ;)

We are concerned for all our well beings, and continue to urge you to be careful out there!

Monday June 1 we plan to re-open
with limited hours

Monday - Friday 10 to 5 doors open

Saturday 10 - 4 doors open

As we start to inch our way ahead to the "new normal", lots of questions remain.

One of the questions on my mind concerns the supply chain.  Why are there still no paper towels at our grocery store, yet shelves full of toilet paper?  Really, someone decided "0" towels were to be made? hmmmm.

I just read an interesting article explaining why penne and linguine are still missing from grocery stores.  Click here if you want to read.  Barilla is actually a US manufacturer (not Italian), and there is much more to getting that simple pasta to the shelf than I thought.

Yet we still have "pasta", even on SALE!  Click here.

Sooooo, how lucky are we to have an abundance of product here on Charlotte's Sew Natural's shelves, and have the fabric industry as booming as it is?!

Yes, we've been out of elastic, but we got 2 rolls in yesterday. Yay!

We are still waiting on non-woven interfacing, used inside some masks.  Deadlines have come and gone for that, but I do know that it will eventually come back, which is good.

We continue to make plans for different EVENTS, including QUILTERS TREK and our October QUILT SHOP HOP.  They may be a bit different, but hopefully, not cancelled.

And that is the word of the day - HOPEFUL.  Yes, we are all hopeful that our lives will get back to normal.

I just don't want to let my natural optimism take over, and am determined to remain careful and cautious. So the store will open to more "normal walk-in" traffic on JUNE 1ST.  The hours are shortened for now. 10 to 5 and Saturdays 10 to 4.

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Memorial Day weekend.  I will be remembering my Mom and other family members who created my solid foundation, that allows me to stay flexible without crumbling!

We will be closed Memorial Day Monday, spending time with family.  You can still order on-line, email us and leave messages on the answering machine.  We'll be in bright & early Tuesday May 26. ;)

Looking forward to when we can actually see you again!  With great appreciation for your continuing support.



Charlotte's Sew Natural 
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