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Friday May 1, 2020

Hi all!

Let's give a great big hand for MAY!  Welcome!  We were getting tired of April.  It went on and on and on! 

We did get a lot done though!  We've learned a lot about our new Point of Sale computer software.  We've learned that the phone can ring at the same moment a call is discontinued!  And we learned that preferences in masks include many shapes & sizes!!

And we got a few new projects onto our worktables, with a few even finished. ;)

This is a lovely new kit, RADIANCE BEVELS, featuring Sue Zipkin's beautiful water-color artwork. [Our quilt isn't done yet, and has a different, less yellow fabric in the center border, so you know. ;)]

We are noticing more of a trend to SOLIDS. 

We have been selling lots of fabric, including solids, and so we are ramping up our solid selection.  Be sure to keep an eye on it, as we constantly add more.  SOLID COLOR COTTONS LINK.

We are also doing kits in solids for some of the newest patterns from our popular designers.  So, stay tuned for those!


For the past 2 weeks we've done SALES on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook Live.  It is SO fun to see what we come up with and what you guys "race" to buy!!

Let's do it again!

​Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page.

We are learning each time we do this.

We asked around, and learned that you should LOG-OUT of FACEBOOK, and then LOGIN again. 

That can SPEED UP your connection and reduce lag-time. (Know your password.  Find little arrow on far right of blue Facebook bar, click to drop-down, click to log out.  Then log in again. Was harder to find on my phone, so just restarted phone, and the whole thing worked better!)

Lag-time can be frustrating, and we are trying to do our best to keep this fun for everyone!

Today, we are going to still sell more BOLT-ENDS, but we'll divvy some of the bolts up, to give more than one person a shot at it.

In addition to BOLT ENDS, we are also going to sell some PANELS!  FACEBOOK LIVE!

  • Live SALE will include PANELS & other stuff based on what you've liked before!!!
  • Place ORDERS in the comments. No changing your mind, as orders will be filled as they appear in the comments!
  • We'll contact you at the end with a total amount.  You'll need to pay with a credit card. We can mail.  If you've never shopped with us before, private message us from Facebook with your full name and phone number. Thanks!
  • VARIETY - lots of different styles being offered. And maybe a few other items too. ;)
  • We'll announce the price with each item!  You have to tune in!

So, follow our FACEBOOK, and catch our FACEBOOK LIVE, and then get ready to act, because we think this might be crazy!  The price is right!!

Don't forget to logout and login to Facebook, to reset your connection.  If you are normally a "lurker", try practicing with a comment!.  Say "hi" to Kirsten this morning, and she'll respond, showing you how easy it is! ;) Then be sure to click to FOLLOW us, so you can see Kirsten at her wackiest!


Once upon a time, I looked more like this model than my great, great grandmother (who I look more and more like every day!)

I am going to make myself some cool, BREEZY blouses with this pattern, as I know that the HEAT will be here real soon!  I am "over" the fact that my arms no longer look like the model's, and I will enjoy myself anyway.  LOL

We are adding more WEARABLE patterns to our selection.  Let us know if you are looking for anything in particular.


Maybe you caught my LIVE WISDOM WEDNESDAY (now available on Youtube by clicking here), when I asked you for help in deciding what we should order in the newest KAFFE COLLECTIVE line.  The latest arrived here in the store in mid-February (just before we stopped letting folks in the store) and the next shipment of new styles will arrive in August.  So, take a look at my video, and feel free to make suggestions.  I'm ordering on Monday!  You can click here to the FREESPIRIT web site to see all the fabrics.


If you caught our "unboxing", LIVE on Wednesday, you saw us diving into 2 boxes of LITTLE RED from Clothworks.


This is the cutest line of fabric.  Sweet artwork, great textures and a "non-scary" version of the Wolf. ;)


Check it out in our web store by clicking here.  LITTLE RED by Megs & Me.

As the "stay at home" rules begin to change state by state, with more warehouses opening up, I am sure we are going to see lots more fabric arriving.  We look forward to it!  Christmas is on the horizon!

We love your calls and comments on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for your continuing support!  Robin & Lavonne are back working with me tomorrow, so if you call, be sure to say "Hi! and Welcome back!"

Have a great weekend, stay safe, and wishing you all perfect health!


PS - Now we've made them, let's all try to think up ways to remember to have our masks with us and wear them! ;)


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