Friday May 15, 2020 (Happy Birthday to my "little" brother!)

Hi all!


This weekend through Sunday night only, 35% off all BONNIE & CAMILLE & ME & MY SISTER fabrics from Moda! 

Click here to see the fabrics.  Remember to mention that you're going to "pick up", in the shipping comments, and we'll knock off the shipping charges!  (Do you know we carry DMC Floss, including the new colors?)


Hope you’ve enjoyed all the videos we’ve been setting out there on the internet!
If not, you can check them out anytime on Facebook, YouTube and now, IGTV (Instagram TV).

Yesterday Mary did a video of what she normally would have presented to her May Sewing Club.  Take advantage of this being available today for "free" and then consider joining her Club, which will resume our social meetings soon.  Click here for the video on FLYING GEESE METHODS.  It will be posted soon.

Today Mary is going to do a video featuring KIM DIEHL'S fabrics BLUSH & BLUE, and talk about this great quilt.  Be sure to check out Facebook and then YouTube for that video too.

Kits for BLUSH & BLUE are available.

​Second Saturday was a hit, but not the same without all you guys piling into the store!

We had fun handing out block kits in the alley.  It turned cold, but it was heart-warming seeing all you who came plus your companionable dogs too!  LOL

I did a 2nd Saturday LIVE video presentation.  Thank you to all who kept trying to tell us that there was a volume “issue”.

Darn smart iphone liked listening to Kirsten, seemed to think I was background noise, and kept trying to mute me!!

This week I have invested in a really good microphone which we're learning how to use, and hopefully, we’ll solve this problem of my voice dropping out.  Thanks again for your patience and encouragement as we learn something new with every video!

So you want LOUD?!  Did you see Kirsten’s “unboxing” video earlier this week, the one with 7 boxes?

Click here.
  And click here to see the NEWEST ADDITIONS, which is where this stuff lands as Gwen get it loaded into our web store.

So far, Facebook Live has proven to be the most easily accessed platform for our Friday afternoon Live Sales.  If you are working, plan your LUNCH break at 1pm CST then cozy up with your phone or computer for about 30 minutes! ;)

We don’t know exactly what we’re offering yet, so you’re really going to have to tune in at 1 pm CST to find out!  There will be BARGAINS!

 SALES on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook Live. 

​Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page.

We'll try to login and WARM UP a few minutes before 1, so if you want to try to get connected to us, we'll be up about 12:55. 

There seems to be a trick, so try and logout/login to Facebook to make the LIVE portion not have a lag time.

Listen at the beginning to get directions on how to BUY!  Use the comments/chat section of LIVE to tell us what you want.  Same as past weeks, and you can still see video of those sales to see how it works. 

We sell all items according to the order on our feed at the end.  Thanks in advance, and we look forward to seeing what happens this week!  LOL

It showed up in one of the un-boxings, HOLIDAY HEARTLAND has arrived, featuring red & white quilts, red barns and the ever popular RED PICK-UP TRUCK!

Check out this great quilt featuring one of the 2 panels.  And check out the entire line of RED, GREY & WHITE fabrics - Winter with a hint of Christmas. ;)

Oh my, another gorgeous BLUE collection.  BLUE BAYOU from Blank Quilting is crisp and clean and speaks summer!  These prints play well with many other blues in the store right now.  Make a simply elegant quilt or gather up a fat quarter collection and use it in any sampler quilt pattern for a nice summertime challenge.


Click here for a FREE PATTERN, or click here to see BEACH HOUSE, one of Camille's patterns (of Bonnie & Camille above), a good choice.


Known for our super-duper variety, here’s something completely different, ROUGH HEWN, from Andover.  Featuring “tough stuff”, like steel tread plate, tin ceiling tile & shipping crates, all great textures for making a terrific “guy quilt”!

Interesting yet simple, alternating techniques on different rows.  Check it out!  PS - these fabrics make super “man masks” as well! ;)

There is so much new on the WHAT'S NEW pages, that I'm getting distracted!  I want to run down to the store and start PLAYING, while I'm supposed to be “working from home”, like so many of you are right now!  I know you want to run right down with me, and I promise, that day will come, but let's just keep playing it safe a bit longer.

Anyway, give yourself a treat, browse those pages on your next “break” (you’e read enough emails and texts for one day!), see what else is new, dream a bit, then order some fabric. 

You know you want to!

Meanwhile, keep wearing your masks.  Even though the weather is nice, the virus is still spreading.  We’re playing it safe a bit longer here, continuing with back-door pick ups and all the customer service we can provide “at a distance”.  

We love those messages & phone calls, so keep them coming.  We're happy to bring selections to the back door if you need to compare or audition.  We look forward to the day we can let you in to wander, wonder, feel and touch the fabric again. 

It will come soon enough, just not now. ;)

Have a great, safe weekend!



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