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Monday March 30, 2020

Hi all!

We are staying flexible!  Getting quite a work out!  With the new Kansas Order to "stay at home", we're currently considered an essential business, and so we are here to fill orders, but no one is allowed in the store except us.


As of today, with a limited staff, I am still mailing out orders. 
We can also deliver to the front or back door, should you choose to "drive by".

316-284-2547 (sometimes an answering machine) & Facebook Messenger & by Email

and at

I haven't made it to, "Celebrating 35 years", (all of which were not easy) being a "light-weight".

So, with a great staff, great customers and the mystery of the internet, I am confident the store will survive and continue to thrive.

We will continue to do our FACEBOOK LIVE events, post new YOUTUBE VIDEOS, and find other ways to inform and entertain! If you Follow and Subscribe, you should get notified when we're posting.  Thanks!

With MASKS becoming more and more sought after, we will be including a copy of the pattern I like best, with the link to the instructions, should you need it, with every order.

Fabric SURGICAL MASKS are "all the rage" right now.  I caution you to not jump on the bandwagon of sewing these until you know who wants/needs your masks.  There are several styles being made.  Some more popular than others. 

Buddy likes the ones with ties.  I will not make masks for general donation in my sewing room, which is filled with cat activity.  Keep this in mind for all donations if you live with animals, or smokers.

I have been using the basic pattern found at The information she passes along here is very good. It's been updated in the past couple of days.

We will let you know when we have elastic back in stock.  Possibly next week.

Meanwhile, I have made many with ties and used black elastic hair-ties, which I am still finding at the grocery and the drug-store.  I am going through my left-over bias binding, making ties.  The bias has some give, and I stitch with polyester thread.

I do not recommend adding a piece of interfacing to the masks.  I believe it cuts down on the breathability, to it's detriment.

Again, here are links to studies done on which materials are most like/least like surgical masks.  Fabric masks have their LIMITATIONS.


When it gets closer to SECOND SATURDAY (April 11th), we will send details.  We've got on our thinking caps to try to keep it FUN! ;)

We'll have a video available on our YOUTUBE channel. If you haven't already, click here to see our COLLAGE BASICS VIDEO for practice!

Don't forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel. ;)

Feel free to comment and ask questions, and we'll try to answer them when we can.

We are continuing to get new merchandise. This is very exciting for us!  Check out the latest kits, FLORA or FAUNA.

Last FRIDAY Kirsten taped an UNBOXING, which included these very fabrics! See it by clicking here.

So, if you need some more COMIC RELIEF, please feel free to check out any of our videos and be prepared to learn, and laugh along with us!  YOUTUBE

Click NEWEST ADDITIONS to see our latest on the web.  Gwen keeps adding new stuff, even from home!

Be sure to check out the SALE FABRICS & KITS.  We are adding more fabrics to the SALE section too.


We can even help you shop with FACETIME and MESSENGER VIDEO CALLS are available too. Contact  us in one of the more normal ways to arrange this beforehand.  Thanks!

Things may continue to change.  Stay tuned.  We are taking all the common sense precautions! ;)

We are concerned for all our well beings, and continue to urge you to be careful out there!

Looking forward to when we can actually see you again!  With great appreciation for your continued support,



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