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Thursday March 19, 2020

Hi all!


Collect 16 fat quarters from 4 shops.  Make fun quilts!  10 days to shop.

Details below.


No grades, no class time.  2020 Schoolhouse has changed.

Click here for event details.

Schoolhouse now Thursday March 19 through Sunday March 28.

Charlotte's Sew Natural, Needle In A Haystack, Picket Fence and Hen Feathers band together to offer you a 10-day event, with emphasis on learning at your own pace, unique quilt kits and FUN!

Instead of Report Cards & Graduation Gifts, you'll have the opportunity to purchase our specially priced MODA GRUNGE fat quarter bundles and receive a FREE QUILT PATTERN with the bundle. 

You can click here, and see the BUNDLES, and also the items we have for our featured, COLLAGE QUILT BASICS.  Click here!

Our SPECIAL is the PRECISION PRESSING SHEET COMBO, while supply lasts, in 2 sizes.  Specially priced for this event.  Click here.

You can still collect all 16 FQs and 4 quilt patterns when you visit all 4 shops.

But it is up to you, when you visit, or if you want to shop by mail order, you can also phone 316-284-2547.

To avoid gathering crowds, we will not do the demonstrations as previously planned.


Pretty please, can you subscribe?  :)  We're aiming for 1000 subscribers.

However, here at Charlotte's we'll be happy to share with you all the knowledge we have on the basics of COLLAGE PICTURE assembly ala Laura Heine. Many of her patterns are on hand now.  Click here.

We've now got a SCHOOLHOUSE VIDEO available on our YOUTUBE channel.  Click here to see our COLLAGE BASICS VIDEO.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, and we'll try to answer them when we can.

Don't forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel. ;)

We are getting deliveries every day. 

FRIDAY Kirsten is planning on doing another UNBOXING.  I think that will be a FACEBOOK LIVE and then we'll post the video to our YOUTUBE channel. 

So, if you need some COMIC RELIEF, please feel free to check out any of our videos and be prepared to learn, and laugh along with us!

Click NEWEST ADDITIONS to see our latest on the web. 

Be sure to check out the SALE FABRICS & KITS.


Things continue changing around here.  But as of right now, we intend to continue regular business hours through this Saturday.  Until 6:30 this evening, 9:30 to 5:30 Friday and 9:30 to 5 Saturday.

We are taking a few precautions.

Despite what the Kansas ABC just announced, we will not be running drinks out to the curb, even if you call ahead! (Sorry, we don't have a liquor license.)

If you do call ahead, with a credit card payment, we will run your fabric, thread, recipe cards, etc. out to your car.

If you place an order on-line, you can tell us you want to pick it up at the store, we'll remove the shown shipping charges, and then you can call when you are outside and we will dash out. (Or we'll come out, moving slowly, if the weather stays as lovely as it is now!)

For now, you are still welcome to come in the store yourself.  We prefer if you don't come in a big group, or bring non-shoppers.  We are taking all the common sense precautions, and we will try to maintain our distance, while remaining social! ;)

With great appreciation for your continued support and sincere concern for all our well beings,
have a great day!


PS - With my latest project, we are video recording parts of it as I go along.  Check out my BOTTLECAPS VIDEOS on our Youtube channel too.  I'm working on it as I'm allowed!  LOL


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