Thursday June 18, 2020

Hi all!

Hope you are well.  We continue to move the fabric out and move the fabric in.  Click here to see the NEWEST ADDITIONS to our web site.

Things around here are working their way towards a "new normal".

In the past two weeks it has been  great to see all your smiling faces, feel your joy and enthusiasm for being in the presence of the all-holy fabric!

Yes, we are fabriholics getting our fix, and we know the "Thing" when we see it! ;)

So happy to have been able to reopen our doors.

We are also solemnly aware that Kansas is fortunate to have had less spread of COVID-19 than many other places.

We are mindful that some of you are still not comfortable venturing out.  Other parts of the US are still not truly open and maybe none of us is especially safe, so we continue to monitor the situation and act as responsibly as possible for ourselves and the more vulnerable among us.

With that in mind, QUILTERS TREK, 2020 version, (formerly Row By Row) launches this Sunday, June 21st, world-wide.

Above is my block.  You can order the kit starting Sunday.  We are still waiting on the official "airplane" fabric to "land", and won't mail block kits until we have it.  We expect to be able to start mailing July 1st!

Yes, I said "mail". Yes! 

We hope you can travel to see us, but if you can't, we can mail.

If you can't come in, please set aside about 3 days (hahaha) and carefully peruse my web site to "see it all", and then place an order. :)  $150 in merchandise mails for free in the US!  ;)

​(Click here for Beckoning Cats!)

OR, better yet, come on in to historic downtown Newton, KS!  Enjoy leisurely shopping the day away.  To assist your collecting, we now have a couple of the cutest small shopping carts on wheels!

We're open Monday through Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 4 pm.

Here is the link to all the information on this year's QUILTER TREK.  This Bow Tie Travelers Facebook page shows the other Kansas participating shops' blocks, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas & more.

There is a prize for presenting the first completed quilt, so click here for all the details.

Even if you only make it here, we have a terrific selection of blue fabric.  Here is an beautiful assortment from Blank Fabrics, BLUE BAYOU.

Order a FAT QUARTER BUNDLE, or yardage here.

Let's pull fabric for an entire quilt, using this FREE PATTERN and spend the summer sewing blue & being cool!

Maybe you're just staying home and having your own POOL PARTY, with or without a pool - these fabrics can help!  Simple table runners, tote bags, short!


Facebook Live part of the new normal?

Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page. 

The "stay at home" period did introduce us to FACEBOOK LIVE, and we're sort of "hooked", like many of you.

Sooooo, tomorrow, Friday, 1 pm FACEBOOK LIVE will happen in the store, while the store is open!  oh my!  LOL

  • Friday 1 pm Kansas time
  • On Facebook
  • ROBERT KAUFMAN Fabric - GREAT VARIETY, select quilting cottons and a few lawns, batiks, flannels & wovens
  • 3 price points - $7.97, $5.95, $4/yard
  • Multiple cuts available on most
  • Some "one & done"
  • Lots of fun!

If you are traveling, please bring masks.  I was in Colorado the week before last and there were signs that said "No Masks, No Service".  You just never know.

Charlotte's Sew Natural's sign says "Masks Appreciated".   Not all staff are working in masks.


​(Red truck available as a laser-cut kit.  Click here for details.)

While it is not officially summer, it feels like it today!  Hot & Windy here in Kansas, means it must be nice somewhere, and I hope it is where you are!

Have a great weekend.  See you soon!

PS - Remember, you can always find us on  Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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