Saturday April 25, 2020

Hi all!


Last week we did our first SALE on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook Live.  That was a fun experience! You bought a lot of fabric!!

Yesterday we did our second SALE on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook Live.  More of you bought more fabric!!

And I know some of you missed it because you were WORKING!! 

We heard from so many people who did participate that "it was SOOOOO FUN!", that we're going to try it again, TODAY, and maybe this will hit some of your schedules a bit better.

​Click here for a shortcut to our Facebook page.

We are learning each time we do this.

We asked around, and learned that you should LOG-OUT of FACEBOOK, and then LOGIN again.  That can SPEED UP your connection and reduce lag-time. (Know your password.  Find little arrow on far right of blue Facebook bar, click to drop-down, click to log out.  Then log in again. Simple.)

Lag-time can be frustrating, and we are trying to do our best to keep this fun for everyone!

Today, we are going to still sell more BOLT-ENDS, but we'll divvy some of the bolts up, to give more than one person a shot at it. 

We'll see how this works.  It will mean a bit more work for us, but hey, we want it to be as fun as can be, so let's get crazy and try it! [We might take a bit longer getting everyone's purchases sorted and phone calls made for payments, so please stay patient.]

In addition to BOLT ENDS, we are also going to sell some PANELS!  There could be a few 7-PANEL BUNDLES, which will be perfect for the popular HEXIFIED ONE BLOCK WONDERS. (Pinterest & Google will show lots of examples.)

Really, these prices will be so good, we know you're going to want to BUY!

Summing it up, this afternoon, SATURDAY April 25, for the third time ever, we're going to sell on FACEBOOK LIVE!

  • Live SALE of short bolts. This is A DEAL!!
  • Place ORDERS in the comments. No changing your mind, as orders will be filled as they appear in the comments!
  • We'll contact you at the end with a total amount.  You'll need to pay with a credit card. We can mail.  If you've never shopped with us before, private message us from Facebook with your full name and phone number. Thanks!
  • VARIETY - lots of different styles being offered. And maybe a few other items too. ;)
  • We'll announce the price with each item!  You have to tune in!

So, follow our FACEBOOK, and catch our FACEBOOK LIVE, and then get ready to act, because we think this might be crazy!  The price is right!!

Don't forget to logout and login to Facebook, to reset your connection.  If you are normally a "lurker", try practicing with a comment!.  Say "hi" to Kirsten this morning, and she'll respond, showing you how easy it is! ;) Then be sure to click to FOLLOW us, so you can see Kirsten at her wackiest!

The other comment we've received from more than one person concerns the volume on the LIVE feed.  Most computers or devices have a master volume plus the volume control on the screen in Facebook.  Check to see that both are high, and hopefully you'll get better sound.  [We're also going to watch where the hand holding the camera is. ;) ]



If you aren't already, follow us on INSTAGRAM too.  You'll see new stuff there before we even get it uploaded to the web store!  Although, we did just think of this and get this quilt kit on the web, so that was fast!


Speaking of fast!

High school mascot anyone?  Have you been watching TIGER KING?  Well, we've got you covered.  Maybe your family would love to cuddle under a quilt with this guy on it?!  Get started with the PANEL by clicking here.  

And here's another new group that is perfect for simple, inspirational gifts.  Maybe a small mug rug, a table topper, or I even used it for a special mask.  Be sure to check out BLESSINGS, and the floral that goes with these two by clicking here.


We love your calls and comments on Charlotte's Sew Natural Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Thanks for your continuing support!  Have a great weekend, stay safe, and wishing you all perfect health!



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