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 July 21, 2011

Hi all!

We've been having fun again, trying to make room for lots of NEW FABRIC, PATTERNS & STITCHERY items!

Check out these darling, stamped, colored, and ready to stitch VINTAGE AUTUMN ORNAMENTS.  There are 16 different styles, just $7 each, or you could order the whole collection.  Wouldn't these be fun little gifts this FALL?!  Let us know if you'd like the DMC FLOSS or needles to go with.

HALLOWEEN is now one of the most popular "seasons".  (I think it has outgrown "holiday".)  We've got a fantastic collection of fabrics and projects too.

 I just finished a quilt using Sheri Berry's COSTUME CLUB panel for the center & corners.

Designer Sheri Berry very thoughtfully created her novelty stripe so that I had stripes for all the sides that I could cut going the right direction.  2 stripes have the motifs running vertically and 2 stripes are laid out so that they will be facing properly when laid horizontal.  Great!  Would love to see more like this.

One of my "pet peeves" is fabric that could easily have been designed to be non-directional, but has been made "one-way".  I would ask the fabric companies to stop designing WALL PAPER, and start giving us more usable, novel, cute fabric, that is TOSSED!  We're making quilts and the pieces get cut and sewn every which way!  LOL

On a bed, there is even more to be considered.  Don't be confused by a bed quilt that you see hanging on a store wall.  We often take into account that the quilt will be hanging on display and so make different choices on how to cut the borders so it "shows off" well.

On a bed, those borders will be running parallel to the floor, and so maybe should your motif, if it is directional.  Just something to think about.  

When a print is non-directional, I ALWAYS cut my borders lengthwise grain, and purchase enough fabric so I can do this with no seams or a minimum of seams.  

Lengthwise grain borders sew on and hang better on  the finished quilt.  Borders cut cross-grain (several 45" strips sewn together for length) tend to get "wavy", Best Press - Clear Starch Alternative for Fabric  - Mary Ellen and present problems for machine quilters.  So, if you are "forced" to cut the fabric cross-grain, because of the design, treat your fabric with respect.  

Start by giving it a good "finish".  We would recommend BEST PRESS.  This is a fantastic STARCH ALTERNATIVE, comes un-scented and in delicious scents.

Once your fabric has a nice finish applied to it, measure very carefully against your finished quilt. And don't just measure the edges.  You must measure 3 places through the middle of your quilt, take the average, and gently ease any long outside edges to the borders, cut the smaller size, if necessary.  

The Quilter really needs a FLAT QUILT to quilt!  :)  So, if you have lots of humps, you might want to consider TYING it and work on perfecting your seam allowances! :)

Pam Bono Designs - The Angler 2 ToolEven experienced seamstresses  sometimes have SEAM ALLOWANCES that vary in size. 

We highly, highly recommend taping a GUIDE, called THE ANGLER 2, to the bed of your sewing machine.  It is lightweight, clear plastic with perfect 1/4 INCH seam allowance guide lines printed right on it.  There is a mark to lower your needle through, so that you can position the guide so that these EASY TO SEE, 1/4 INCH lines are EXACTLY 1/4 INCH from your sewing machine needle.  Plus the lines are printed out for several inches in front of the foot, giving you a chance to accurately line up your fabrics before they ever reach the needle! :)

The 1/4 INCH FOOT that comes with your sewing machine is not always accurate.  We have seen many machines, all makes & models, and know this to be true.  It has something to do with a shifting needle position.  The Angler II is mounted based on the position of your needle, so it is very accurate and visible.


LaVerna just finished this fun 
GONE HAUNTING wall or table quilt featuring little BLACK CATS.


See all the fabrics and GONE HAUNTING kit listed here:


They are the GOOGLIE-EYED Halloween group!  

Very funny, and only just a little scary to toddlers!


Robert Kaufman - How the Grinch Stole Xmas by Dr. Seuss Enterprises - Grinch & Who PANEL on White

And then, there's THE GRINCH. :)

We have Grinch fabric in flannel and regular cotton.  Lots of coordinates too.  Check it all out here:

And all the Seuss stuff here:

Come check out our newest fabrics & latest project ideas.

Use this Newest Additions link to see all the latest on the web:


 Looking forward to FALL CLASSES, Rita has finished her version of Marti Michell's THE ROMANCE CONTINUES sampler quilt.  

Mary will be teaching this as a BLOCK OF THE MONTH, starting Sept. 15th.  You can also order the complete KIT for this quilt. 

See all these beautiful BLUE & YELLOW WILD ROSE II fabrics designed by Marti Michell for Maywood Fabrics here:

Ruth will be teaching AUNT GRACE'S GARDEN PARTY.  Class will start September 22nd, 2011 through Spring 2012.  Classes will meet at 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.
Price to be announced when actual length of class is determined. :)

Reproduction 1930s fabric designed by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics.

AUNT GRACE'S GARDEN PARTY Block of the Month patterns by Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek.
Finished Quilt Size 77" x 83"

KITS will be available BY MAIL too!  Details coming soon!

Wilmington - Hopes Promise - Floral Blooms Grid - Green & Pink

If you are in the mood for some really pretty FLORAL FABRIC with a touch of HOLIDAY ELEGANCE, check out 
HOPE'S PROMISE from Wilmington

This group flows around a beautifully detailed floral COLLAGE.  See all the fabrics and the QUILT KIT here:


And you can see all the NEWEST ADDITIONS by clicking this link:


BARGAINS & SPECIALS can be seen on the WEB here:

These prints & flannels start at $5.97/yard.  Many are reduced to $4.97/yard, so catch them while they're HOT!  

Visit CHARLOTTE'S in the CHISHOLM TRAIL MALL now for a great selection of BARGAIN FABRICS and inspiration.  

Pre-Cut kits available now!  Rent time on our ACCU-CUTTER!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon here in Newton!  


Charlotte Wolfe

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Mon. - Fri. 10 - 5:30, Thurs. 'til 7, Sat. 10 - 5:30 
Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12 :)

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