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 May 13, 2011

Hi all!

It is that time of year and we send out many congratulations to graduates, including our own Sarah!  She will be with us most of the summer but heading to K-State in the fall!  Way to go!

As usual, the past week has brought many new fabrics into the store.  Sports themes, cowboys, florals, Kansas Troubles, and more!  You can see all our NEWEST FABRICS on the WEB by clicking here:

 Anita, Jennifer & Penny have been busy and there are new mark-downs at CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRICS just south of town and under BARGAINS on the web.  Come see how LOW THEY CAN GO!


On a personal note, I'm back from vacation and revived! :)

Randy & I had a great trip to Quebec, Canada.  We flew into Montreal and had 2 full days to explore.

 We saw lots of neat stuff and left lots for another trip!  

We did see the second oldest quilt in North America at the McCord Museum.  (Once credited as the "Oldest", there's been a recent discovery of a silk quilt dated 1718.) 

Quilt |  | M972.3.1


This one is clearly dated 1726 and has been authenticated.  It is foundation pieced using a whip-stitch with old letters and printed papers for the foundation.  There are great pictures of the back side taken while they were working on conserving the quilt.


Check out the McCord Museum web site to see a total of 6 awesome images of this quilt, more fascinating details and the rest of this excellent current exhibit, 90 Treasures, celebrating the Museum's 90 years, all on-line!

Searching the web I ran across more than one person trying to replicate this quilt.  Lots of hour-glass blocks and there are easier ways than that used by the original maker!

If you like making reproduction antique quilts, you can't go wrong with Lori Smith's patterns.  Her inspiration is old quilts, but her techniques are all new & modern and her instructions are very clear!  

 It can all be done by machine but if you like hand-work, you can combine machine piecing with hand-appliqué or start "whip-stitching" away.  LOL

While Lori Smith has many wonderful medallion quilt patterns, I think MEDALLION MELODY would be easy to do and one could create a similar look to the 1726 quilt by carefully selecting colors.


And if you changed the center medallion to a Mariner's Star Compass block you'd come even closer.  The classic Mariner's Star has 8 points and I would highly suggest doing that by foundation.  

You can see a FREE FOUNDATION PATTERN from Carol Doak here that might help you get started:

 If you are intrigued by this STAR, another cool Mariner's Compass quilt can be easily made using QuiltSmart foundation piecing.  The stitching lines are printed on fine, fusible interfacing, which stays in the quilt.

Click here for more information on this MINI-MARINER'S COMPASS QUILT:

For more great QUILTSMART products, click here:

Although it was just barely SPRING, we did spend a lot of time outdoors, including a few hours as the fabulous Montreal BOTANICAL GARDENS.

We loved the CHINESE GARDEN.

As you can see in this picture, there wasn't a leaf on a tree, only evergreens.  The magnolias were blooming but it was too early even for tulips!

Again, there is a fabulous web site full of images and information that will provide lots of inspiration!

I found inspiration everywhere!  LOL

We took the train to Quebec City, which is east of Montreal, on the  St Lawrence river.  We had a great time with our new friends from Singapore.  

This fun, out-going woman & her niece were enjoying a two week trip in Canada.  We found it interesting that from Singapore, they had looked at the world and come up with a similar itinerary to ours, planned from Newton Kansas!  Although theirs included much more SHOPPING than Randy's!

They were fascinated with our Kindles and I just loved her camera (Polaroid?) which spit out instant wallet-size photos! (See her aunt is holding one.)  They were lots of fun and the 3  hour trip went quickly as we compared notes on every day life, politics and concerns, similar and different in our two countries.  I am now very curious about Singapore!

 In Quebec City we enjoyed exploring the Old City inside the Wall and out!  They have a fantastic design award winning "promenade" that follows one side of the wall, along the St. Lawrence river and currently ends at this famous hotel, Chateau Frontenac.

We visited many churches in both cities and were awed by the beauty and variety of style.

I did investigate quilt shops before I went.  There was one in Montreal that we didn't get near.  And I found none in Quebec City.  This could explain some of my web orders!  LOL

 One day we rented a car and drove north and east along the St. Lawrence and ended up in the small town of Tadoussac

 We had hoped to see some whales, being informed that they could be found there year 'round.  No luck, but we did have a great hike up a beautiful, frozen FJORD! We don't have fjords in Kansas!,_Quebec

And along the way I spied a sewing machine setting on a table, just inside a large picture window.  That stitcher's everyday view of the seaway was awesome!  I don't know what is sewn there, but very likely includes some blue & green!  LOL


Benjamin West 005.jpgOne thing we noticed, particularly in Quebec City where the decisive BATTLE OF THE PLAINS OF ABRAHAM was fought, was the Canadian struggle with the French/English dichotomy of their history. (I wonder what foreigners notice about our own Civil War depictions?)

Both the French & British generals were mortally wounded in the battle.  Every monument literally had 2 sides.  I usually leaned  towards one in particular.


I'm glad to be home, happy to get sewing again and must make my blocks for tomorrow's SECOND SATURDAY!  All are welcome for my 9 a.m. presentation!

I hope you get to do some travelling soon, even if only by internet!

Looking forward to seeing you soon here in Newton!  

Have a great weekend!


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