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 Thursday April 7, 2011

Hi all!

 This week I think I'll focus on "the great outdoors"!  We have many great new fabrics that could fall into this category.


See the Alexander Henry MATISSE COLLECTION, as well as many other wonderful fabrics, like BARCLAY, where snails have beautiful portable homes!


And while I may be more like Matisse's women (above) who prefer to simply lounge around, bringing the outdoors in with vases full of fresh flowers and pastoral paintings on the walls, LOL, I know many of you just love CAMPING!


I have done a little camping in my life.  But I'm not usually referred to as a "happy camper"!  However, I love these fabrics, because I am still drawn to the ROMANCE of camping!

Hoffman's conversational VINTAGE motor camping modes really takes me back to my high-school days when I thought I might actually like camping if I could just get off the ground and out of my soggy tent!


Then there is HOME AWAY FROM HOME from Anita Phillips for Wilmington Fabrics. 

This reminds me of trips to Colorado, where again, we were often cold and in a tent!

Check out this clever small quilt featuring 4 great camping images sold as a panel.  KIT AVAILABLE here:

FREE PATTERN available here:

Or purchase 1-1/2 panels and simply use them as is!  

Small enough to use for extra warmth in a tent or camper (can I suggest wool batting?) or enjoy hanging on the wall, staying at home, like me! ;)


Still with a vintage feel, check out ARE WE THERE YET from Kris Lammers for Maywood Studios.  

See I really am drawn to the "concept" of camping.  

I like the idea of surrounding myself with very carefully selected items and gadgets, that all have many clever applications.

And sleeping in cozy quarters is always appealing. 

And being out in the middle of nowhere, where it really gets dark and you can smell and hear your surroundings and not want to hold your nose!  LOL

 Wait, that reminds me of one of the things I don't like about camping!  ROTFL!


See all the clever fabrics in the collection, ARE WE THERE YET, here:

See the FREE QUILT PATTERN designed by Jackie Robinson for Maywood Studios here: - Getting_There.pdf

 This is one of the clever "blender" pieces from ARE WE THERE YET.

 This may be my very most favorite part of CAMPING!  LOL

Even if, like me, you don't particularly enjoy the gritty part of living in the wilderness, and the flowers, trees and beautiful grasses make you itch and sneeze, I hope you can find a project that will help you too bring a bit inside to enjoy the GREAT OUTDOORS!


You can see all our NEWEST FABRICS first on the WEB by clicking here:

Maywood - Dance of the Autumn Leaves Flannel - Acorn Angels - RedIn the past few weeks, I have bought 100s of new BARGAIN FABRICS and these can all be found at the BARGAIN STORE.  They include BENARTEX, FREE SPIRIT, RJR and more.  There is new BABY FLANNEL as well.

We also transferred and MARKED DOWN hundreds of additional bolts from the downtown store.  Check them out while the supply is best at CHARLOTTE'S BARGAIN FABRICS at The Chisholm Trail Mall just south of Newton!


 Looking forward to seeing you soon!  
Have a great weekend!


Charlotte Wolfe

Charlotte's Sew Natural
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Newton, KS  67114
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Charlotte's Bargain Fabric & Stitchery
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Mon. - Sun. 12 - 12 :)

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